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Another Cathedral in France Ablaze? Hmmm…More Faulty Wiring?

Nothing to see here, folks. Just some more faulty wiring. An accident, right? The historic Rouen Catholic cathedral in France, whose construction dates back to the 12th century, is on fire. The incident comes a few days after the victory… Continue Reading →

There’s Nothing Small About a Life Lived in Love.

I’ve been thinking about love lately. Not lately. I think about it all the time. All the time. Love is everything. What more obvious point could a Christian make, right? Love calls me out of myself. I am thankful to… Continue Reading →

Why Are These LGBTQ Activists Protesting a Law Outlawing Paying for Sex with Children?

As Libs of TikTok points out -when they tell you who they are, believe them. LGBTQ activists speak out against SB1414, a California bill which would make it a felony to purchase children for s*x. They claim it will affect… Continue Reading →

Wait. So Why is She Offended?

This is great. This woman is so completely offended by the question but she has to try to act like it’s not offensive. Hilarious. And it kinda’ puts the lie to the whole agenda.

Satan Asks Democrats to Tone it Down

This is hilarious. And horribly true. Satan Asks Democrats To Tone Down All The Evil — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) May 17, 2024

Idaho Town Bans Crosses from 4th of July Parade. Why What Happens Next.

Christians are waking up. We’re no longer taking it and priding ourselves on how well we take it. Christianity is not the religion of nice. We are not called to bow to evil. INCREDIBLE: Coeur d'Alene Idaho banned crosses for… Continue Reading →

Georgetown to Offer “Gender Inclusive” Housing.

Catholic? What a joke. As of now, you’d have to mark down that you’re ok with it but how long until that’s mandatory. Also, the pressure on a 17 year old kid to mark themselves down as cool with the… Continue Reading →

A Brilliant Refutation of Sola Scriptura.

Dr. William Marshner, a Lutheran convert to the Catholic Faith, brilliant refutes “sola scriptura.” Definitely worth a watch. A clip from the conclusion of the “What Still Divides Us?” debate about “sola scriptura” in the 1990’s (@patrickmadrid participated). This closing… Continue Reading →

The Media Defending Biden with the Same Words. Hmmm…

Who’s writing their script? Let’s remember this. These people lied to you and the debate was a disaster because it outed both Biden as incompetent and the media as controlled. That almost the entire media repeated the same lie with… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court to Hear Tennessee’s Ban on Sex Change Surgeries and Hormones for Minors.

This is a huge deal because it will decide whether states can ban such surgeries and hormones for minors. Yuuuuuge, as the Orange Man would say. The high court did an amazing thing a few years ago to protect children… Continue Reading →

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